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Aspherical lenses

Aspherical lenses have its advantages in a range of applications where eliminated spherical aberration or (and) single element design is required. Glitter offers CNC precision-polished aspherical lenses. Our CNC polished aspheric lenses are iteratively ground and polished by a software supported computer-controlled processing center to provide better controlled surface quality, irregularity and focal length deviation

      •  Material from DUV to IR

      glass,fused silica,ZnSe,ZnS,Si,Ge,CaF2MgF2,BaF2,LiF,Sapphire and so on.

        Customized dimension and shapes

        Diameter: 10~600mm

        Radius : R15-R

        Dimension Tolerance :+-0.005mm

        Thickness Tolerance: +-0.005mm

        Centration : 20″or Δt ≥0.01mm

        PV: 0.2um

        Scratch&Dig: 10/580/50

        Coating : According to customers’requirements

        Manufacturing capability : Over 30000 pieces/year

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