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Crystal optics

Glitter Optics can offer crystal optical components according to customers’ drawings. Just like Laser Crystal、UV Crystal、Infrared Crystal、eg:CaF2、MgF2、BaF2、LiF2、YAG、YVO4、ZnSe、ZnS、Ge、Si etc.

      •  Material Laser CrystalUv CrystalInfrared CrystalegCaF2MgF2BaF2LiF2YAGYVO4ZnSeZnSGeSi etc.

        Lens type: Windows and mirrors/Spherical lenses/Cylindrical lenses/Prisms/Aspherical lenses/Toroidal lenses

        Diameter: 1mm~500mm

        Radius : R2mm-R

        Dimension Tolerance :+-0.005mm

        Thickness Tolerance: +-0.005mm

        Centration : 10″or Δt ≥0.01mm

        PV: ≥λ/20

        Scratch&Dig: 10/580/50

        Coating :According to customers’requirements

        Manufacturing capability : Over 20000 pieces/year

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