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Prisms are often used for beam reflection and image deflection, etc. It is an important component of the optical system. Glitter’s prisms are useful for a wide range of applications.Glitter Optics offers variety of types and materials of prisms, such as Penta Prisms, Right Angle Prisms, Dove Prisms, Roof Prisms, Porro Prisms,Rhomboid Prism ,Wedge Prisms and so on.

      •  Material from DUV to IR

      glass, fused silica,ZnSe,ZnS,Si,Ge,CaF2,MgF2,BaF2,LiF,Sapphire and so on.

        Customized dimension and shapes

        Diameter: 1mm~600mm

        Dimension Tolerance :+-0.005mm

        Thickness Tolerance: +-0.005mm

 •      Angle Tolerance ≥±2″

        PV: ≥λ/20

        Scratch&Dig: 10/580/50

        Coating :According to customers’requirements

        Manufacturing capability : Over 100000 pieces/year

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